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2.2Cih Ignition Wiring


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Hi every one

Im currently trying to get a 2.4CIH with Carlton 2.2 injection system to fire up......

Having some problems with achieving a spark thou

Have installed the std GTE car wiring loom, and installed the Carlton 2.2 engine loom - but there is a four way plug that fits between the 2 looms, the plugs fit together but I believe they need reconfiguring in there order.

Has anybody got any wiring diagrams for the carlton 2.2 (especially on the ignition part) they can share to assist ....?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - so looking forward to getting this fired up

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hi there. have been replying to a similar post recently entitled ``engine wont start`` he was having problems also in getting his 2.2 to start up. might be worth looking up his post. i think it was shug.. anyway the 2.2 has an additional spart advance unit because the 2.2 dizzy doesnt have a mechanical advance system only vacuum.on carltons this was the black box on inner wing top.if you are using the gte distributor you may be ok without this box providing you have a gte loom.if you are using all the correct 2.2 stuff thou which would obviously be best then the main injection loom for the 2.2 & the ignition loom join together via a 3 terminal connector. the 4 way connector is the link into the cars normal loom. terminal 1(green)is the normal ignition - for rev counter. terminal 2(black )is the `15` link to ignition switch live.terminal 3 (red/white)is `50` link to ignition switch START position.terminal 4 (white) to fuel pump live. the remaining 6mm red lead is the injection main live feed from battery ..

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Hi everyone,

I have just start to re-look @ trying to run a 2.2 system, after a 2-year give-up...!

Back to where I started really - Have no spark, all looks good but I am using the original 2.0 GTE ignition module (ref- 0 227 100 103)

Can anyone confirm if this is OK, or does the 2.2 need a different Ignition Module....?



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2.2 needs a different module. Was one of the problems I had. Other was that a wire inside the distributor had been severed!

I'll see if I can find the part number for the module.

Hi Shug

Had a really good day today, went to my local Volvo garage and asked for a ignition module Ref- 0 227 100 124 luckily they had one sitting on an old volvo round the back, plugged into 2.2 loom and got a spark :D :D :D :D :D (only took 2-years) The difference between the modules - 2.0 is a 'inductive' type and the 2.2 is a 'Hall effect')

A couple of hours messing about and the 2.4-CIH was firing on all cylinders

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