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Front Window Adjustment


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hi all.

got doors back from paint and built them up. but cant seem to get gap right at top when shut?

i either get glass hitting rubber to much at door handle side or a slight gap at front edge at top?

i've now settled for a perfect fit everywere but at the front top edge area there is a 2mm gap when wound right up..anyone had fun and games with these before? cheers

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Favourite is hatch/coupe glass mixed up, the angle of roof & A pillars are slightly different, I speak from experience having only just recently got (thanks Andy R) a clear door glass for my hatch.

The coupe one sort of fits but not quite, with gaps as you say either at one point or t'other.

Good news is, as long as your'e not on clear glass supply seem to be no problem.

Good luck, my passenger door has been whistling to me for about 18 years, it was only when I joined OMOC that I found out why. :)

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I think I have a set of hatch exclusive green barring the windscreen including the non opening quarters

I seem to remember there is adjustment for angle on the runners, including the front runner in / out and on the regulator in the slot where it bolts to the glass and on the holes in the door for the bar that bolts low down to the rear and is a 6" track the back of the scissor runs in. There are also the two top stops, those 10mm bots in the top of the door.

I've managed to get both right and wrong glass to fit acceptably in the past.

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