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Calibra V6 Auto, Motd Til June, £300


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Advertising this on behalf of my Dad, since he's been messed about a treat on ebay twice now.

It's a '97 on a P plate, 2.5 V6 which I'm sure someone could fit into a Manta if you wanted to break it, it's been done before! Nice black leather interior in decent condition, air con, decent alloys with good tyres, and it's got racing stripes that could be easily peeled off if you don't like them. MOTd til June but currently on SORN. It'd be fine if you wanted to tax it and drive it away though!

The bad bits: electric sunroof doesn't open, a few knocks and scrapes as you'd expect from a car of this age, and the jacking point covers are missing from the side skirts. The previous owner said it had a dodgy connector on a switch on the autobox, and you have to put it in 1 or 2 before selecting drive, otherwise it'll move off in snow mode. There's also a trace of oil in the water, but no water in the oil, so it may need head gaskets looking at soon, but it's a cheap car all the same.

It'd break for much more than this, but he's after £300 or a near offer and could do with getting rid of it quickly. I'd drive it myself if I could afford the insurance. It's near Ammanford, about 15 minutes from the end of the M4.











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