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Stainless Steel Fuel Pump Mounts


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Over the years I got plagued with enquiries for these, but not been in a position to make them.

Currently I have 2 for sale, possibly a third one may be for sale.

manta fp bracket.jpg

Priced at £84.00 + £6.00 P+P

You will also need a MKIII Cav injection fuel filter as that is what the fuel filter mount diameter is based on.

Based on the Hatchback fuel pump bracket, and based on the fact that I would never want to spend half a day trying to clean and restore what was left of an original coupe piece of rusty tissue ever again.

Has stainless steel base which bolts on to wherever you want it to bolt, on top of this there are four anti vibration mounts, on top of which mounts the fuel pump bracket plate, which holds the fuel pump, fuel filter, and vibration damper.

If there is no immediate interest on here they shall be going onto Ebay with a price hike, as these will suit a lot of cars other than the Manta.

Also please note, these are what I would class as a practical item, as such these do not have the super fine finishing that I would normally supply to a show item, still damn shiney as fook though.

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