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Chassis Rails


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Hello people

Im in need of the chassis rails I think. Both sides failed MOT near the jacking points. Do I buy just the corner part or the whole swan neck thingy? lol :huh:

Ive been looking on the dr manta site but not sure if im buying the right part or more than I need to

Any help (once again) will be very much appreciated

Thanks for looking & hope to hear from the expert brains of wisdom soon :thumbup

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Thanks ever so much mate. Will email some pics of my problem.

Thinking of just patching it but they been patched before.

Would like to cut it all out & stick new floor pans & chassis rails in but should be having a baby in 4 weeks & I have no car now!

Cant believe I have 2 cars & work full time & just cant afford anything

Who voted conservative? :angry:

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If you can make a cardboard template and then transfer it onto 16g steel for the chassis rails then i'd do that if you don't want a concours finish ( although if you put work into it the part you make can be as good if not better than a bought part)

20g for the floor, zintech steel is the thing to go for.

Edit, don't need jacking points to pass an MOT so you can cut them off and replace the rotten floor over them and jack the car using a cheap scissor jack on the chassis rails, you can get a jack for 2 quid from a car at the scrappers.

Have a look at this inspiring thread for the most awesome metal bashing


As for the conservatives i don't think they are going to do the normal folk like you and me any favors, hey just like labour, they are in it for what they can get out of it, times are getting tough, i have a good profession but it's even hit me and i thought i was recession proof <_<

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