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400 Kit

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I think it was the Smith and Deacon kit that was available in either full front wing,or just the arch extention kits.

The idea is that by keeping part of the std steel wing you keep a little of the strength in that area,that you "may" lose by swapping to a full fibreglass wing.


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dont listen when paul tells you martins are better than rallytech :lol: ,

as mentioned smith and deakin did the kit above for sale on ebay as did MC rallying.

lol, by the way andy i'll be posting out that grille to you tomorrow, i had forgotten all about it until i came across it today in the garage :wacko:

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I have ended up having a car with both ! Years ago had the Smith one on a car I bought and the thing was the arches hadn't been removed !!!!!!! Just put straight onto the bodywork, so as such bigger wheels were a no-no !

Martins kit on the other hand was an absolute joy to attach (although I only roughly attached it before selling car )as everything lined up perfectly.

So....... pays your money and take your pick as the saying goes.

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