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I,m nearing the half century and the only thing i want is another Manta but anything that is for sale is so far away.Ihave owned 3 Mantas and used to be omoc memeber .It was a very sad day whrn i sold my last one and cancelled my memebership.

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hello! i know of a black gte coupe for £2000 mot'd needing her paint tiding up


Thanks for letting me know ,could you tell me where it is .Isee there is one on ebay but lots of money!

Cheers Karen

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Hi Karen,

Welcome to the Club . I know of a C Reg Red 1.8 Berlinetta Hatch which will be coming up for sale very soon, nice condition, low milage,3rd in class at Billing 2 years ago.The Owner is Club Member Chris Forster (nr Lockerbie) South West Scotland.

If you have a look at the Billing pics for 2009 you will find it.

Chris will post further details on Club Site soon. Pictures and price etc.

Good luck with finding your next MANTA.

Any pics of you past Manta's ?


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Hi Pete

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you but this is a top secret mission.My son ,aged 11 is car daft and he would like nothing better than for me to get another Manta. Would he be one of the youngest Manta fans?I would get no peace if i told him i was looking for another one.Its a coupe that i,m looking for but thanks for info.Will try to post a couple photos on if they look ok.


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