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cutting up the sheddy exclusive [its fekd] before anyone gets on their soapbox but theres plenty of cars staying on the road because of its usefull spares.......... if theres anyone that wants a section of the shell cutting out to make a repair panel let me know if that area is sound i will remove it front floors rotten a posts/a pillars are even worse and roof was raining huge clumps of rust on me but there may be something someone can make use of

i did toy with the idea of making a trailer out of the rear half of the shell but i have enough to do already good for shows tho lol

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Hi, i could be doing with both sides of the rear bodywork, the usual rust spot from the arch round the bottom trailing edge below the bumper if ur able. Will send pics no show if need be. Thanks Scotty.

the r/h side rear quarter is not bad the lower rear corner had some rot in it but only the lower 2 inches the l/h side is the same and i have new lower rear corner repair panels which my project doesnt need

I reckon you should have sold it to Banger Racers :thumbup:D

it would have crumpled like a coke can but good fun till it went tits up :D

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