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1989 Isuzu Piazza Hbl 2.0 Turbo

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No LSD on that one. Does seem cheap though, especially as I think it's the one that sold through Anglia Car Auctions in June for £1495. If it's not the same one it's very similar.

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i had a read up a little on these , it seems the expected prices are roughly as follows

£600 for a mot'd one, may need repairs/rebuilding

£1500 not a show winner but a fine roadworthy example may not have all original parts

£3000+ concourse standard original .

so this one didnt even make the 600 it should have let alone the 1500 it may have been last lear :blink: , £ 586 only , (900 reserve not met )

i guess the auto is not that desireable ,

heres another auto one!! ... http://www.ebay.co.u...=item3a6d4291d1

i havent found much on what one is good to rape for my manta , but its certainly an interesting machine ..... id love to try the manual out .



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From the IPTOC website.

*All pre-Lotus cars with manual transmission were fitted with a Limited Slip Differential; this feature was an extra-cost option on manual transmission Handling by Lotus models and is identified on both variants by the option code "G80" on the specification plate, riveted to the engine compartment firewall directly behind the engine. None of the automatic transmission Piazzas were fitted with LSDs.

So it would need to be a manual, and a pre Lotus car to be sure, although considering how rare they are now it would be a shame to break one just for it's LSD.

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i didnt see that bit :wacko:

thats very informative , thanks ^

i might give the wembley guy a call (a breaking ad on their forum) and see what my luck is like .

not really the the parts gold mine i thought id found ..... as the autos have no lsd ,then if it has rear discs the axel would still be a brake upgrade for a manta perhaps ?

im not sure what you would do about the wheels , need them also i guess to make it a really easy job .

ive never seen a piaza axel iptoc site says its got a live axel located by four trailing links ,panard rod , anti roll bar and springs ,

is it more a case of a Lsd would fit inside the manta diff casing ?

or do you need make brackets for the other 2 links ?? :blink:

found one: it looks compleatly unfittable to me , lots of things to do to make it go on ...


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