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Retrofitting Commodore Bits Onto A Manta


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Hey guys..

I've now heard from a couple of people that fitting commodore suspension onto a manta A is a good move. The thing that I want to know is: what bolts straight on? what needs modifying before it goes on? and what bits are ideal to source from a commodore breaker for my manta?

I am VERY new to the RWD scene and i'm not at all familiar with the suspension and drivetrain setup on the cars, so pictures will help the cause immensely..

thanks guys

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As far as i'm aware nothing is a straight bolt on swop.

The front track of a Commodore is 3.2" wider than a Manta A so i can only assume that the mounting points are different, but why would you need to fit it as the front suspension of the A can be improved dramatically by springs, shockers and bigger brakes whilst still retaiing the original set up.

As far as the rear axle goes the Commodore is 4 / 5 linked so would need extra mountings to support the top links, also a new prop and mountings,its also wider. Not a quick bolt on job


If you are intending to keep the power fairly standard, again springs, shockes and maybe 6" wide wheels with good tyres will more than suffice.

Of course ,if someone has carried out this conversion and can correct me regarding the ease please do.

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@spiney: I can buy a complete, running 2.8 commodore C in South Africa for about 200quid, minus the roadworthy and licence but for a breaker car you don't need those..

@doveyte: I'm planning on using a 2.4 isuzu sub assembly (exact same block as C20XE, just taller), with an 8v SEH head ported with bigger valves, and running it on sidedrafts.. the planned power is going to be in the region of 100 - 130kW, but the torque is going to jump quite substantially.. if the standard drivetrain doesn't crap itself for that then it's better to keep the entire setup as it is.

What i also want to know is if there are LSD's available for those diff's, new or 2nd hand.. Did any manta's come out with LSD? if not, did something else come out with a manta-compatible LSD?

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The Commodore never really sold in big numbers over here, obviously they did in SA! The few that are left in this country are in danger of being ripped apart when they do come up for sale, a lot of them had the rear axle and front hubs removed for converting Manta Bs to something nearer the Manta 400 spec with 5 stud wheels.

As for LSDs, some Manta Bs came from the factory with them, mostly i200s and i240s but I think it was an option on GTEs as well. The factory fitted ones are rare. I know there's a company in the UK called Gripper who make LSDs for Mantas, I'm pretty sure the A and B series diffs were the same so you should be able to get one for your car but I think they're about £800 and obviously more with the shipping to SA. I guess it depends on how much you're willing to spend!

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Dont know if they imported them into S A but the Kadett GTE (76 on) was fitted with a LSD axle which is a direct fit to an A and the same width.

People have also used Volvo axles and of course the 5 linked Salisbury type with Jag diffs but these are HEAVY.

Our TE2800 stage rally car ran a Kadett axle with modified and uprated tube supports and didn't break under rally conditions, it just went sideways whenever you didn't want it to! still I suppose with 200 bhp and on gravel what do u expect.


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Nothing from the Commodore can be used im affraid. Even though the older ones (Commo A + B) has live rear axle identical to the A series Manta they are still alot wider, and will not fit.

So if you want to up the handling on the Manta, as said, you need to get yourself some good springs, shocks and maybe some new bushings. Also a adjustable panhard stabilisor could be a very good idea to make sure the car runs straight. Regarding the power, well the original rear axle will not cope with around 200hp for very long. Also the gear ratio may be a bit off when thinking of your new powergains.

Some rare GT/E models actually came with LSD, but they are impossible to find, and those that can be found is propably worn down and new spares are not available.

Instead you can buy a LSD from QUAIFE in the UK. This would be your best option, and its also not that expensive.

By the way you need to do something about the torque tube if you plan on more torque and hp... Those things really can´t take anything :)

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