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Manta A Body Panels, Door Seals , Chassis Wanted


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We are doing a restoration project on a 1974 A manta and looking to get these parts.

Please send me a message if u have these items

Thankk you

Location, Location, Location, please read the guidlines before posting, Moderators may be watching :ph34r:

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Thank you for the reply.

Im looking for parts on the behalf of my stepfather.

He is living in hungary and chasing his dream to restore/rebuild an A manta.

He bought a manta in a very very poor condition, but he has plenty of time and patient to do it up nicely. He is a mechanic and got his own garage.

I get in touch with him and show him these parts, Im sure he needs lots of things.

I would be happy to open a topic later with pictures to show the restoring process. I think is very interesting.

At the moment the car is in pieces and he took the chassis to sandblast it.

Oh he also needs a 1.6 litre original engine. He said they put a 2 litre in from a later B manta, but he wants to keep it original.

Thank you again for the info, very helpful

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