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C20Xe Redtop Timing Query


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Hi all,

Have a look at the picture below.........

I know the cam pulleys should be at 12 o'clock and the crank pulley at 6 o'clock.

If you look closely at line 2, the timing mark on the pulley is pointing to about 12.03, which is closer to the notch on the cover.

If I move the cam pulley back one tooth, it'll point to 12 (look at line 1) but not line up with the notch.

Which is right, 1 or 2?


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Thanks for that, but isnt position 1 closer to the 12 o'clock position?

What I should have mentioned was that the car has been running, but is 'lumpy' and ticks over rough, everything else seems fine hence why I'm looking at the timing?

If I move it back 1 tooth whats the tolerance in terms of valve/piston 'relationship', is it likely to cause a worry?

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There should be a set amount of teeth on the belt in-between in the cam pulleys. Set it to that then take the slack put of the system by getting the belt tight in-between the pulleys by locking them together( i have a block i put inbeween the cam pulleys) then nipp up the belt on the crank pulley. That then allows you to take the slack out of the belt on the tensioner.

As Mick said, rotate twice on the crank and check the alignment.



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Sorted!! Inlet cam was 1 tooth out. Now running like a finely tuned choir!!

Ps, Kevin, the pulley timing mark is at about 2 o'clock, but the actual toothed pulley underneath is 6 o'clock. Best to go with the toothed belt as the pulley isn't 100% accurate.

Thanks for ur help guys!

All sorted now!!

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Hi Mark,

Looking at your pics, the right hand pulley is spot on, the left hand pulley is one tooth out.

The difficulty is, the left hand pulley naturally wants to sit in the loction it is at the moment. Pull the belt off and have somebody hold the left hand pulley with a ratchet and socket in the postion you need it and refit the belt.

It can take a few goes, but you'll get it right eventually.

Hope this helps, give me a shout if you need any more info

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Thanks for the reply Gerry.

Here is how our 1st attempt went before those pics above which was our second attempt.We had the left pulley 1 tooth to the left but it had a lot of slack on the belt between the too cam pulleys.



Belt tension seemed fine here.


But up top here was too slack for our likeing.


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I've no valvers left any more to check but like I said above there is a set amount of teeth in between the pulleys. I used to set that and zip tie the belt to the pulleys. Then rotate the inlet pulley anticlockwise to take out slack. This will set the inlet timing marks slightly off. Then chase the slack down to the crank and that leaves all the slack in the tensioner side. Give that a good tighten and the long part of the belt should not be able to turn 90degrees when twisted.

It's the cam lobes that is throwing the position off in the inlet pulley slightly.

Ill see if I can find the correct teeth amount in my books later ;-)

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