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Very Clean Mk1 Cav On Pistonheads

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Am I missing something?

What is so horrible about the Cav in the first link. Ok so the bumpers (and one or two other little bits of trim) have been painted black (probably because the chrome was rusting through, as is par for the course on old cars), also it is wearing different wheels... but it comes with the rostyles so that would take 5mins to swap back. Recaro seats imho are more comfortable for long journeys so I could understand why you'd fit them. Again, Hardly a change to cry over. It's not like the seats are lurid pink...

It is definitely too expensive though.

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The bumpers were mint on this car and yes they often are sprayed black to tidy them up but in this case it was to "Barry B" the car. The Chevette E had black bumpers and that looked aweful.

The front seats were mint and will never be traced or replaced with another pair like the originals. The Rostyle wheels can go back on but I'm not sure about the stainless sill covers - have the rivets/lugs been ground off on the outer sills where the plastic clips attach. The wheel arch bright work can go back on if you can find some good ones. The ones that were originally fitted were again mint.

The front seats were as new, and are far more comfortable than the Recaro seats now fitted, Recaro's look superb in a Manta but not a Cavalier.

The car does look like it's had a quality respray though, in original form there were a few stone chips and a small traces of panel perforation on the tops and sides of the front wings.

It's my fault this car has ended up looking this way I should of bought it when I was sat in it on the test drive. At £3000 it expensive for a Cavalier I would 1/2 the asking price and the owner might sell it.

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Well, I'm just glad that cars like that get kept on the road really. Too many solid ones that have been scrapped. (or would have been scrapped - like the one I bought)

The only things on that list that really take effort to track down are the mint seats and trim. Bumpers can easily be rechromed.

You are right about the price, but it will probably get reduced and then someone can buy it and restore it. I am very much in the camp of enjoying your car in your own way. It is after all only metal. Granted I am sympathetic and certainly wouldn't have fitted a 6pot engine to a mint one and so bought one destined for the scrap yard to do up.

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