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What is recommended for a manta b GT/E Hatch other than the original? Ebay is full of Sportex which on looking into do not have great reviews. I do not want anything that sounds silly, so noise level like a boy racer is not up my street. Just a little added performance and a decent sound would be nice.

I'm going to most likely ask a few newbie questions over the coming weeks! Hoping to learn and draw from experience.

From what I gather the Manta GTE intake is already pretty good, so I am only going to gain a few hp with a new exhaust. (is that correct)

What about filters? Any recommendations there also?

Would quite like to get it up by around xxx bhp and pulling a little better so any tips on basic changes that can be done in the real world that I can learn to install myself before going on to learn more.

Also my brakes are terrible, and the wetter it is the worse they get. So Carton brakes are the recommended ones is that right?

Basic changes from market products that are easy to install! :-)

And anyone with such things for sale please contact me, but bare in mind I am going to try and do this myself so nothing too complex pleeeeease!



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Hi Matt

I've got a Sportex on my coupe.

I got it cause I needed it quick.

Delivery was spot on. Fitting was a doddle,it all lined up a treat.

I got me back on the road,that's what mattered to me!

What's the bad reviews you read?


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