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Ascona B 12S: Conversion To Electronic Ignition


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Hello to everyone! I am Thanasis from Greece and I own 4 ascona's, all of them 'b' model of course! I am going to present them in a separate topic. I get into the subject: One of my ascona's is 1.2 and it faces some problems with the distributor. The gear of the distributor axle is really worn, thus the connection to its driving gear is very loose. In that way spark timing can not be adjusted at all. As a result, the engine may not even start, combined with the high humidity in my area. The only way is to change a distributor. And I was thinking if it is possible to install a set of distributor-coil with an electronic fuel ignition, in order to get rid of the contact breakers! I suppose there are two ways:

1. Install a complete set of distributor-coil-electronic ignition (from another model?)

2. Convert the standard set of distributor-coil to electronic ignition.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these solutions for the ascona b 1.2 engine? Can anyone suggest me any solution that works?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello after a long time, I am currently into this conversion but I have some troubles with the wiring connections. I have the whole set of distributor-coil-electronic ignition from a Corsa A E12GV, which also has an additional electronic board ("Weber", obviously it is for the carburetor) and another plug with 3-pins that I do not know what it is for (1st picture in the link below).


Therefore I do not know exactly what to connect where. Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance.

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