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1985 Gsi Hatchback In Black Great Condition Full Mot Taxed June


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Hello All,

Time has come to part with this GSi Hatch - bought it a year ago as a nearly finished restoration project and I've been enjoying it and fettling it ever since - done quite a lot to it along the way.

It's nice and reliable now, bugs ironed out and is in overall great condition - passed it's MOT today with flying colours so it has test until March 2014 and it's taxed until the end of June 2013.

Only selling as I've bought a house which needs work and the funds from this car will go into that.

Price is £1695 - I'll give it a few days on here to give club members an exclusive chance then it's on to ebay.

Car is in Burnley Lancashire

For anyone who doesnt know me I've been in the club years and have been a Manta owner continuously since 1990 so I know what I'm on about lol and I'm also a full time car dealer - although this is a personal car, nothing to do with my business - it's registered in my name.

Here's some pics followed by a detailed description of the car;






















1985 GSi Hatch supplied new in Belgium it was in Britain by January 1986 , the original Opel service book is still with the car and there are 7 service stamps in it up to 1990 @ 47k miles. The car now has a genuine 86k on it, was off the road for years before being substantially restored by the previous owner to myself. Originally the car was white but underwent a full respray / colour change to black when it was restored. I've owned the car for a year and it's been on the road and MOT'd all that year.


As you can see in the pictures this car looks bloody great - it attracts loads of attention wherever it goes. There is no rust at all topside or underneath - not many Manta's you can say that about! It's had extensive work of course and this is all done to a good solid standard. It's all well waxoyled and painted / undersealed underneath. Solid as solid can be. The paint topside the previous owner did himself and it's a very good finish - lovely and shiny. Please don't expect it to be perfect when you come along though, there are some micro blisters , touched in chips and the odd small scrape. The word most people use to describe it though is mint! The car is fitted with a brand new towbar, very useful when camping with the kids. Being the GSi model the car has no sunroof so no rot in the roof issues. The standard door locks have been replaced with high security Solex units.


All in great condition, hardly any wear at all. Proper GSi logos on the Chicago Grey Recaro seats. I've fitted a full set of rear seatbelts for children carrying. Custom centre console fitted with a high end LG Combined CD Player / Radio Tuner / DVD Player / Media Centre (Plays DIVX files etc) / Sat Nav / MP3 Player. Works well with remote control and full instruction manual. All works off a touch screen and runs through big 6x9 speakers in the rear shelf. You can run media off disc / USB Stick / SD Card. Lower part of the console houses a manual button for the injection cold start / manual fuel pump switch. The only niggle is that the tailgate gas struts are weak - frankly I just prop it with the rear shelf in time honoured Manta hatch fashion!


20E CIh Engine on standard injection. I've replaced the original engine which was very tired with a freshly rebuilt unit. Fitted with brand new clutch / water pump / engine oil / oil filter / spark plugs / Magnecor Plug leads / Anti Freeze. Starts first time and runs great. Superb oil pressure. Stupid viscous fan removed and electric fan fitted - manual dash switch. Single box exhaust system - slightly loud and raspy but nice. Induction air filter kit fitted. Gearbox is fresh as fresh can be - slient in operation no whining at all and filled with fresh correct spec fully synthetic gear oil. Super slick gear changes. Rear axle is also silent in operation and filled with fresh oil. Shocks are uprated fast road Bilsteins all round. Front springs are rally spec 400lb 1 inch drop and rears are 200lb also 1 inch drop. Car handles great. All 4 tyres have excellent tread - pair of Continentals on the rear and Hankooks on the front. Front brakes have new calipers / discs / pads - standard spec. That traditional hatch weak point the fuel tank is in perfect condition, well rust proofed. I've replaced all the breather pipes on top of it and fitted a new fuel filter. All the brake pipes and fuel pipes under the car have been replaced with copper ones.


This is a great Manta - totally solid body wise , smart and presentable, lovely inside with nice touches like the fancy stereo / nav system. Mechanically sorted - I've put a lot of hours in over the last year on top of the 3 years work the previous owner did. It's ready to jump into and enjoy for the summer!

I can be contacted on 07889 141818 call or txt anytime


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