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Rut The Nut Saying Hi


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Thought I'd best introduce myself in this section of the forum, having posted a few messages of late.

I had a few different Mantas, and a Cav Coupe, many years ago. Did embark on building one as a rally car, but that project was eventually ditched for a number of reasons. Found a few of the parts from those days and sold them through this forum/ebay recently.

Often hankered for another rwd car, especially a Manta 400, but didn't try too hard.

Might add, my regular drives are a Mitsbushi Evo and a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I've only owned one fwd car, an Alfa 156 V6, but wanted something with drive to the rear, hence the Evo.

Had previously owned a couple of Integrales, Alfas and Jeeps. Enjoyed them all, for different reasons.

I've also built a Lancia Stratos replica and used that, quite successfully, in motorsport - competing first in hillclimbs and sprints, then a few years of circuit racing too. Rallying was always what I wanted to do but the idea of doing that in the Strat seems a bit too much to risk. I have been rallying as co-driver/navigator for a few years in a BMW 325, which is great fun, especially in the forests, but sitting in the silly seat is not enough to 'scratch the itch' of rallying as a driver. I might add, I did co-drive on one event in a Manta, with Dan Hart (on this forum occasionally) and that reminded me how much I'd like to be doing that.

So, recently took the plunge and bought the V8 Manta rally car with the intention of doing smaller, single-venue, tarmace events with it in the South of England. There's a few jobs I will want and need to do on that car before getting it out there, but my target is the Abingdon CAR-nival Rally in early June. If there are no major surprises with the car, that should be plenty of time to get the car how I want it for that first event. So, fingers crossed that any tasks needed are straightforward and affordable!

I look forward to sharing my experiences with club/forum members, if you are interested in hearing it...


John Rutter (aka "Rutter the Nutter", or Rut the Nut)

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welcome to the club/forum will love to hear about your adventures in the manta. at the moment i am building an ascona a series for hill climbing and the odd sprint event with track days thrown in. keep us informed on your build and any relivant details.

rutts- andy rutter also rutter the nutter ha ha

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Hi John, Paul Holtom. I sold my V8 a series last year in order to build a Sebring MXR kit car. I am working on building the 4.6 Rover V8 engine at present. I can't be very far from you if your in West Berks, I'm in Thatcham.

If there is anything I can help you with let me know.



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Have now received my club membership pack, which included a couple of older Manta Magic mags - a good idea, I think.

Looking through one of those, found two links of interest

a ) Dan Hart (not Harty) rallying his Manta - I did co-drive with Dan the other year, at a rain-soaked Abingdon, and had a great time with his aquaplaning antics

b ) Ian Hill's Manta featured in there too - with a photo I took when his car was at Chatsworth some years ago.

fwiw, some other Manta pics I took at that show are at http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=22827399@N08&q=chatsworth%20manta

Unfortunately, I bust a driveshaft in my Stratos replica on the rally stage, so had to spectate the rest of the time.

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was that 2008 quite a few omoc north west nutcases went :P

Yep, that's how long ago it was.

Real shame the show is no longer on - it was much better than the Castle Combe Rally Day, but guess the costs and income didn't match up :-(

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