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First up, a pair of front seats from a 1.8 Exclusive. Apart from being filthy and damp from sitting in my Dad's shed, not a lot wrong with them. Think I've even got the driver's headrest somewhere. I was keeping them to replace the collapsed frames in my SRB coupe, but that's long gone so if anyone wants them, come get them. SA18 or CF24.


Next up, a driver's side internally adjustable mirror, complete with the rail for the window. No obvious damage to the glass or plastic, £6 posted.



Also got four plastic fan shrouds, I think all from 1.8 engines. £6 posted each, you know what they look like.

And finally a 4 speed propshaft from a Cavalier, been outside for a long time but the UJs aren't seized and the gearbox end should clean up alright. £10 posted as it's a bit heavier than the rest!

Speak up soon or it's all going to the tip. Probably more to come as I find it.

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More things!

Got five GTE/1.8 plastic bumper type front indicator units, look complete, just been sat outside for a long time. £2 each including post, less if you want more than one.


Pair of carb inlet/exhaust manifolds, both for Varajet type carbs. Been sat outside a long time. Again, free to anyone who wants to collect or they're going in my scrap pile.


EDIT: Oh yeah, and I've still got three or four plastic GTE type front bumpers if anyone wants to collect.

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Alright Dave! If it's the switch and loom you're after rather than the barrel and housing I'll have a look, might have one hiding somewhere.

Hi Rob, yes mate, just the switch and loom if you have a spare? Mine has a circular white surround on the switch and a short loom to another plug. The barrel seems to be ok I think.

Be grateful if you do have one, I'm having to hotwire the car at the mo and I'm worried about burning out the starter motor!

Cheers mate,


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