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Im new to the site, im 20yrs old and for my next car i really fancy a mid 80's manta, and im wanting to buy a manta gte soon.

I just wondered if anybody could give me any tips on what to look for and the problems the manta has.

Im only wanting to spend £2500 what kind of car could that get me? i dont want a modified car, no red top conversions etc, just a standard car, that i can take to car shows etc, i dont mind doing a bit of restoration, but dont want a lot of rust as i cant weld very well :)



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Hi and welcome.

For that sort of money, you should be able to get a pritty good Manta.

Have a good look in the prodject area, as this will show you the areas that you need to check when looking at possible cars.

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Hi & welcome to the forum Luke.

To get a tidy relatively rust free GTE coupe would possibly be above your budget, you could however get a a nice GTE hatch for that amount.

Areas to look at are rear wheel archs, rear of the sills, front footwells, jacking points, front chassis legs called "swan necks" because of their shape, battery tray area, area beneath the washer bottle, top of the inner wing where it meets the A pillar, spare wheel well, if its a hatch the fuel tanks rot out.

Check that the carpets aren't wet, indicating possible windscreen leaks or holes below the washer bottle/battery area.

The only part of a Manta that's rust resistant is the glass :)

The earlier cars pre 1982 tend to be slightly more rust resistant.

I don't want to put you off but be careful, if the car is bodily a basket case then it will be a money pit to put right unless you are an ace welder like OMOC member Stradacab.

Other than that they're great cars :D

One of mine is up for sale if you want but its a bit above your budget.

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Hi, thanks for the help :) i currently own a mazda 626 which has started rusting on the wheel arches so im no stranger to the stuff :)

I could increase my budget a bit, i dont mind if i get the coupe or hatch.

What basic modifications could i do, just to squeeze a little more power out if it?

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Also what comforts do you get inside, i have not seen one with electric windows.

Comforts? Manta? Apart from nice seats, and a rear window demister and maybe an intermittent wash/wipe, you're looking for the wrong car mate if you want comforts!

Manta's are great, look fantastic and drive well, but they are not 'hi-tec'!!

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