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Clutch Problems Maybe.....


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right been driving round in the manta enjoying the car on the open roads and now for some reason out of the blue its seriously hard to select reverse 1st and 2nd gears, especially when stationary. while on the roads its not too bad and if your rolling some. also its pretty juddery if I've got the clutch in in 1st and I'm stationary.....? when the engines switched off is selects all gears perfectly fine after a bit of persuasion on the 1st attempt but after that smother than a goose through hot butter!

so im thinking it could be down to these

1. cable problem maybe not pulling enough to operate the clutch properly?

2. clutch as just had it (too many number 11s)

3. gearbox issues.....selector??

well shouldn't be too much to remedy but if anyone has any advice that would be great.

ohhh and hi, I'm callum....... new to the forum, just bought "hovis" off dave from bristol, will get some pics up and introduce myself properly as soon as this is all done.......



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hello and thanks for the reply! yeah the car is a little cracker been having pounds of fun in her!!

yeah as soon as i felt it while driving i instantly thought the worst and had gear box on my minds but as soon as i stopped the engine it became clear.

think the plan of attack would be to adjust the cable first and then look into a new clutch, any ideas on a good clutch to get and where from...... i've been on ebay and there are a few to choose from but i'm not too sure which one is correct for the car...... wouldn't mind forking out for the best too!

the cars booked into the garage next week to sort out some electrical issues :( so i'll start my build thread as soon as i can!

also 1 quick question about the carbon wrap on the bonnet, hows the paint underneath as i think i'll be taking the wrap off!?



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had this a few times in the past, a lot of play (pedal travel) can be gained by adjusting the clutch properly at the ball stud adjuster on the gearbox bellhousing.

An absolute bast4rd to get at, but it is the only way to adjust the clutch properly.

I used to cut a hole in the transmission tunnel to access the adjuster and screw a steel plate back on afterwards.

Pedal should be a tad higher than the brale pedal when correctly adjusted.

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brilliant thanks for the replies guys! i sorted it with a botch job at the bulkhead at first and then sorted it shortly after by adjusting it at the gear box! worked fine and as you said the clutch was riding pretty high.

right here goes hovis has developed a new problem!!!!

while driving last night i was giving it some and all was going well and then while at high speed it just decided to slow right right down and i had to drop quite considerably to maintain a good range of speed, i stopped at the nearest lay by to inspect what was wrong and i couldn't find anything........ at all! engine revs just fine and clutch engages all the gears perfectly with good pull! so i drove off and at slow speeds say sub 50mph all is fine but as soon as i go past that it almost feel like i'm applying the handbrake. so i left it overnight in the drive and this morning i came to around a 100-200ml of oil from where the engine meets the gearbox arond the bell housing (not form the engine) and well i had a good look at it and i'm just stumped.

could it be the

  • clutch
  • gearbox
  • or some sort of thrust bearing

im just wondering if this has all come from my clutch problems??

whats next?...... new clutch, bearings, GEARBOX!!??

i'm in a bit of a pickle!

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Hey up, nice to see that Hovis is still giving people headaches, sounds like the gear box has shit itself, there not that strong, ask the valver lot, they go for a later Omega hybrid ????, for what they cost I'd just fit another, Cih boxes are everywhere, pity I've only just read this cos I'd have gave you one but the gipsies took it, if you need any help pm me,

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