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Opel Manta Gte Hatch In White 1984 £900


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Im looking for a new home for my much loved Manta Hatch and hope someone can find good use for her. She's been off road for far too long (dry garaged) and ive always meant to get her back on the road, but something (Wifey, kids etc etc.) always seems to get in the way!

She's a 2.0 GTE registered Feb 1984, with 4 keepers on the log book - 97,874 miles on the clock.
Looking round her the bodies in good condition and nothing nasty underneath. Before anyone asks, yes she could do with a good wash!

She needs tax and MOT and to the untrained eye not that much doing to her. I reckon for safety reasons 4 new tyres, new battery, the brakes need looking at after being parked up and a new exhaust (manifold is OK) - because of this, you'd have to either tow or trailer it away. The interior's in good condition, with just the usual scuff to the side of the driver's Recaro from climbing in and out.

Ive taken some pictures as she's parked up at the moment which give you a taste of her potential and i'll try to upload these later. Ive got the log book and piles of service history going back to her previous owners.

She's standard apart from an Irmscher twin head light conversion and a Peter Maiden Cars Bilstein suspension kit, which gives loads of cornering fun without being too hard to your back! I live in Penn, Wolverhampton just off the A449 and if youve got any questions pop them on here or email me at jonmallen@hotmail.co.uk. Looking for £900 which with a bit of reconditioning work will give someone a cheap Manta.


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That IMHO is a billy bargain.

From the pictures i would guess that it was Ziebarted or similar rustproofed from new.

With an MOT & good wash & polish it would probably fetch £2000 + on Flea bay.

Good luck with the sale

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just as an update I tried to start her up recently but looks like the fuel pump may have failed. She's turning over nicely but you can't hear the pump priming when the keys turned and won't fire. More than likely a quick fix but just flagging it up.

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just a quick post to say that I've managed to sell the car through the club. Thanks once again to everyone who has shown an interest in her. Fingers crossed that in a few years time I'll be back looking to buy a replacement car!

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