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Weber Hunting

kenny dock

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hi folks, i need more advice again. fitted weber 32/36 dgav today. car is hunting from 800 rpm to 1200 rpm then cutting out, and when driving its stuttering. Ive been using guides for setting idle and mixture but no matter what the car wont run smooth. im using original air filter.

dont know whats going on.


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sounds like its got an air leak (popping at the tail pipe indicates this), was there any vacuum pipes between the old carb and air filter ? or any takeoffs on the new carb , they would need to be blocked off or connected .

could try : adjust the throttle stop untill it runs on its own , get some carb cleaner and spray around the base gaskets / throttle spindle , manifold gasket . listen for a change of engine speed . if there is a leak this may help you find it .

did you use anything on the gaskets ? or just dry fit ? id would have put a light coating of grease both sides of the gasket to help it seal .

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