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Hello !


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Hi, just joined ! should've joined years ago !.

I am the proud owner of a 1974(?) Manta "A" which has the number WEC 681Y

yup an '83 plate on a '74 manta (used to have ORA911)

had been my daily driver a few years back but got side shunted and has been off the road since ,and I am starting to revive it


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hi smiffy 220 it appears you can do this if you are the DVLA ! ,from what I can tell the car came from Isle of man with the plate ORA911 which I think got sold and at the time the DVLA issued it WEC681Y I have the MOT's for some of its life and one showing the Reg change! I think they only did this in '82/83 at some stage I will get some piccys uploaded

thanks for all the welcomes!

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