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Sunroof Seal


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hi to all. i have a 1985 carlton which needs a new seal for around the sunroof.(the bit visible from the outside).i am guessing that this will be a similar style to the manta.basically like a minature door seal style!.someone has also told me it is the same as on a mk2 golf.does anyone have any definate on this please ? many thanks. chris.........

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I have recently fitted this trim to my Manta GTE sunroof and it has done the job.

A bit pricey and it came in a length that was almost twice what was needed. another 6 inches and it would have done 2 Manta sunroofs !!

See below link.




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have a read of that chris , have you been driving your carlton near stalybridge recently

hi gary .thanks for that link. interesting reading the whole post actually.that manta looks good.regarding the sunroof seal ive also found some (i think)on the woolies trim website at £4.50 / mtr.looks the right stuff & a hell of a lot cheaper than the oe vw type.may try that.

no it wasnt me in stalybridge (carlton is off the road at the mo whilst i am replacing a section of roof to eliminate the typical rusty area around sunroof)

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