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3.0 24V Engine And Parts


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I have, sat in my lock up, a 3.0 24 valve senator engine. I think its pretty much complete and was bought by one of the dutch members off one of our members. I think its all there including the loom (possibly) and the exhaust manifold etc etc.

Circumstances beyond his control have forced him to part with the engine so its up for sale, here, in the UK. He was going to bring his car over and convert it here, you see.

Ive no Idea on what this engine is worth as I cant find any others for sale. At all. Any ideas? offers? Guide price?

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Yes the R28 bell housing bolt pattern is the same, the only complications are:

- Its a hydraulic clutch, so you'd need to mod the pedal box with a master cylinder for the clutch pedal

- The 24v flywheel has additional crank mounting bolt to the 12v (which is the same as the Manta 2.0), so the flywheel wouldn't bolt straight on.

I'm not sure if retaining the Manta flywheel is an option as the R28/24v has a dual mass flywheel usually, so the clutch/flywheel assembly is deeper,

If the hydraulic clutch hasn't put you off, but the thought of welding up and re-drilling the flywheel does, then I could give you the dims to look at the Manta flywheel option if you have one to measure.

All the best,


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Nope none of that bothers me too much. plan is for it to go behind the 2.3 or 2.5 motors i'm building (still!!!). One of these is going imto the trackday morris minor i'm building so everything is custom anyway. Engines have lightweigh steel flywheels and helix clutches so need the box to fit to them rather than mod them.

Think the only measurements i need are the input shaft length, how far it sticks out from the front of the gearbox, diameter of the input shaft nose and length and also length of the splines for the clutch spinner. I assume the outer ring gear and positioning are the same. If you could take some pics and send to my gmail lamchop77cj@gmail.com that would be cool.



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Thanks for the image cop

Chris, yes the outer ring gear and positioning is the same. I'll send you some images, but having been to measure up:

Diameter of input shaft nose = 15mm

Length of nose = 30mm

length of splines = 52mm

Length of bearing slide area (to bearing face in rearmost position( =28mm

Also the image above shows the box with the std senator linkage - this measures approx. 17cm from the centre of the lever pivot to the rear mounting point on the gearbox. I have a shortened linkage that measures approx. 6.5cm between the same points. To calculate total block to gearlever distance add 49cm.

Hope that helps - I'll get the images to you to.


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