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Hi guys,

I'm looking for the following parts if anyone can help.

Suede deep steering wheel (OMP) type and boss kit - Or recommended place to purchase new.

Quick shift gear linkage assembly - Or recommended place to purchase new.

I have a 1987 2.0 Manta GTE. Which gearbox do I have for reference?

Thank you in advance.


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Might be an idea to by a used steering wheel with boss from someone and then buy a new wheel to fit the boss.

As to the short shift kit, try RetroPower, they could fab something up pretty easily, you have a Getrag gear box with a bolt on shifter, this can be modified without problems.

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Just out of interest, where can new 400 kits be purchased from?

I love the look of your coupe. It's your car so if you want to 400 it contact LEPO5 and he will put you in touch with Martin for the best kit available.

You have a getrag 240 gearbox. Short shift kits aren't available but you can make them yourself if you can weld.

Take off the gear lever surround. Use circlip pliers to take the top part of the stick off.

That may make the throw short enough. If you want shorter then remove the gearlever remote and cut below the pivot point. Add 10mm and weld back up.

IIRC the boss is momo so the exclusive boss takes all the momo wheels.

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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your very informative response. I love the look of the coupe too and intend to keep it pretty much as it is. I'm just wondering has accessible these kits are.

With regards to the gear linkage, your suggestion is what I assumed would need doing.

The previous owner of my old HS Chevette had done the same, basically he said its 'a faff'.

Momo boss, gotcha!

Thank you very much.


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