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Returned From A Long Manta Hiatus

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Hi everyone

Not sure how many remember me now, but I've got my life to a point where I can fit a Manta into it again. Been working overseas for a few years and things like that, life was getting between me and my vehicles.

I live in the south Greater Manchester area now, and finally once again have a place to work on the cars. I had a Triumph Acclaim project to finish for my mate, then restore my old trailer and get shot of that so now the GT/E is next on the hit list...

Mike wherever you are, cheers for the visit the other week and inspiring me to get back in touch with the club. Not sure my GT/E is going to be remotely as good as yours any time soon but still, be good to get it on the road again!

I'll be making this official soon and once again become a member of this great club. Long live the Manta.

Cheers All


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