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85 Gte Coupe With 3.5 Rover V8 With Mods (Unfinished Project)


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I've decided to sell my V8 project car due to lack of free time to get it finished. It is an unfinished project, but theres not a huge amount to finish. It was my intention to us it as a fun track day car, but I doubt I'll ever get it finished due to work commitments. No MOT and its SORN. I'm not too sure about the mileage, I'd have to see what the last MOT cert says as I dont think the the clocks are the originals. The car used to have a (rotten) sunroof, this has been removed and plated with aluminium sheet. As it was going to be a track day car I wasnt bothered about appearance. Chassis is pretty solid!


A little about the car:


I bought it locally about 6 years ago with the v8 already fitted. A lot of welding work had been done including a new 2 slot front end and a widened transmission tunnel. The engine had an autobox and was mounted a little too far backwards and touched the bulkhead. I decided to remove the engine in order to remount it.


I rebuilt the engine after finding damage on the pistons. The engine has had:


New pistons (all)

Crank regrind and balance

Uprated push rods

Valves reseated

All new gaskets

Modified sump (big wing)


I refitted the engine with an LT77 5 speed manual box with a shortened gear leaver remote. It has a modified cable operated clutch (still needs final adjustment). I had an adapter made to fit the Rover propshaft to the Manta's. It has a 4 barrel carb fitted with Edelbrock inlet manifold (needs tuning). Also Edelbrock chrome rocker covers & air filter fitted. Engine still needs a little work, I've not started it in a while but I have been able to drive the car. Like I say, its a project car so some finishing off is required. 


Front and rear axles are poly bushed except rear ARB (Powerflex).

1800 rear axle

Bilstein shocks

Apex springs

Battery relocated to boot

New(ish) Bosch battery included

Copper brake & fuel lines routed inside the car

Quaife quick rack & 2x uprated UJ's (Flaming River)

Volvo 4 pot front brakes (hoses need finishing off)

Astra MK4 rear discs with Astra handbrake cable (brand new pads & handbrake cable)

Bolt in roll cage, welded in mounting points but needs final fitting to the bulkhead & rear arches

Custom exhaust with balance pipe & cherry bomb back boxes

Red top fuel pump & filter king

Polo blower motor

V8 rad fitted

Electric coolant fan & electronic controller

Remote brake servo

Quad headlights

17" Alloys (need new tyres)

Hydraulic handbrake with plumbed in pressure guages

Rear arches replaced but need body filler

Repairs carried out to right hand sill + inner

Has tubes welded into sills for sill stands (stands not included)

Various V8 spare will be included


The car is located in South Manchester but I'm currently working on the Isle of Wight but I do make regular trips home.




Would consider breaking for spares.......



























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