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Skin Pins / Panel clamps


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Bought a job lot of these recently and there are way more than i could ever need.
So thought the spares may be of interest on here, i have always found them bloody useful when doing panel work.

I have a Set of 10 yellow 1/8" skin pins 2.9mm dia pin, 50mm long. £6 (175g a set)   SOLD

I have 2 Sets of 8 blue 5/32" skin pins 3.7mm dia pin, 50mm long. £5 each (180g a set)   SOLD

I have 4 6 Sets of 10 red 3/16" skin pins 4.6mm dia pin, 70mm long. for £6 a set (These are heavy at 550g a set)   2 SOLD

All of them are used but fully functional. Some have the rubber tip missing from the threads and a couple have split plastic pieces that sit against the sheet.
None of this affects them working

Prices are plus postage,unless you want to collect from Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
Easiest to work out by total weight, in case you want more than one set.
Up to 500g will go by Royal Mail 2nd class recorded for £3
More than that and its cheaper to use courier at £4 up to 1kg, £5 up to 2kg, and £6.50 from 3Kg to 5Kg, over that its £8


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Yeah i found the same with Cleco's, they are nice and quick to fit/remove with the tool but a very loose hold. Fine in some situations but not great at holding 2 panels tight so you can tack weld them.

The skin pins push through the hole then you tighten the knurled wheel on the top, this pushes the tapered wedge down through the hole and pulls the inner shaft up (that has a hooked end) when the hook catches on the edge of the hole continuing to tighten the wheel pulls the 2 panels tight to each other.

Like this:


The only thing you have to watch if tack welding is the colored collar is plastic so if you get it too near the heat it doesn't like it. But i just undid it once the tack was in place. They are ideal if you have a proper spot welder.

As to size it just depends on what size hole you want to drill and how thick the metal is you are clamping. I found Yellows ok for most of the bodywork but if it was for the thicker floor/chassis area than i'd say the larger red would give more pull.

Once finished just plug weld the holes and grind down

I've now got a selection of 5 different sizes in my box so i'm covered for any job i do


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