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Front suspension knock on rough ground


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My Berlinetta Coupe has developed a knocking when driving over rough or uneven ground. The noise seems to be coming from the passenger side.

Bottom Ball joint possibly?

Any help most appreciated.





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 I even had a steering rack come loose once !!

 I think your best course of action would be get the front up onto stands then pull, twist, lever and poke everything until you find what is loose, with the spring pressure it might not be apparant when just pulling at various parts, this is why the MOT tester uses a long lever to check for play in suspension componants.

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The steering column can rattle on a Manta, especiallty if the bearing at the bottom in the bulkhead has come apart and lost its ball bearings, the universal joint can develope slack as well, the rack itself has an adjuster which my need checking.

 But at least if you have checked everything and nothing is obviously falling apart then the suspension will not fall to bits under you over the next bump !!

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