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Hi all


Long time lover of the 80s cars born in 82,Dad had a capri!!!! yes this is where i expirenced my 1st RWD action! Capri is not for me.

been on the look out for an corolla AE86 for a while as im used to Jap, but i i feel ill be heading this way. towards a manta!

im sure there are some great write ups on this forum and will get through reading some when i get a moment.


But Priority number 1 will be to understand the makes and models. Ive see an manta white for sale on eaby 2 nights ago, v6 colton conversion, sadley i didnt have to bottle at the time to bid on it, i need to understand the car and conversions 1st. it looked amazing, shame i only see it with 25mins to go.


i have up to 6-7k to spend building or Buying my dream car.if its out there. building i have very little time right now, but i have a full workshop sissor lift, and a welder by trade. so bring it on!!!


Could someone guide me to a few topics to read through, im not into the drifting scene but love the idea owning a car which is tale happy, my MR2 turbo has way to many ponys to mess about like this. its really built for straight dry raods.



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Hi Manta 34, welcome aboard !

 6/7K will buy you a solid, really good Manta, it would also give the funds to buy a project and restore it yourself which with the equipment you have listed appears to be your intension.

 As for Manta types, they can be divided into three eras and three body types, slightly complicated but here goes -

 Manta A 1970 - 1975 one style of Body, Cam-in-Head engine

 Manta B, pre-facelift 1975 - 1981(?) two body types, coupe and hatchback (contempory with the MK 1 Cavalier) Cam-in-Head engine.

 Manta B facelift 1981(?) - 1988 same two bodies as previous with plastic front air dam etc, Cam-in-Head engine now fuel injected, new 1800 carb engine of the Opel front wheel drive type.

 In Europe there was considerable variation, model types the UK never received, like the small engine versions.

 Also there are special versions like the i200, i240 and the hugely desirable Manta 400 rally developed car (dear Santa..... )

There were also specials developed by tuning companies like the Broadspeed Manta A Turbo and the Courtney Manta B Turbo

Spend some time on the internet getting a feel for what is what Manta wise then you will be able to decide which Manta is the type / condition you want to aim for and of course a Manta is the car you want because when it comes to 70's/80's rear wheel drive cars they are the best looking, best handling car of all of them, their handling even stands comparison to cars of today.

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