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     "When the car is stationary, I  rev. the engine to around 2000 rpm.  then back down to idle and sometimes it then 'coughs'  and misses a beat, then idles perfectly"  This is an email I had from my cousin today, Oh he also said there are new plugs in it, the car is a Rover V8,  I'm thinking CARBS, Any ideas? I told him to buy a Manta!

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7 minutes ago, wayne ingham said:

Check for oil ln dashpots (as above) work up,down an retry . Also check the air filter,of filter looks ok remove the filter and try

Wayne, I could have kicked myself when I read that,  Why the hell didn't I twig that? I've owned two of those cars, in fact he's got one of them!!  I knew of that problem on the SUs, I used to put a couple of drops of gun oil down them, see what old age does to you? It just didn't come out of my head!!  Cheers Wayne.

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