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International Opel-Treffen 2016 in Dronten (The Netherlands)!

M&M Dronten

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After we had to skip one year due to relocation, we are pleased to announce that the International Opel-Treffen is back in 2016! This year we will organize this wonderful event on May 22, 2016!

On May 22, 2016 everyone is more than welcome and there are, as always, a lot of different activities. Something to do for everyone! To attend this wonderful Opel show as a visitor you can register via our website www.opeltreffen.nl

If you have any Opel products that you would like to sell, this is the best day to sell your Opel related items to Opel fans! You can register as a seller via our website www.opeltreffen.nl

On the website you can also find photos of previous editions to get a good idea of the atmosphere of this fun event! For more information, in addition to the website you can also visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MMOpelparts/. All the news we have will immediately be posted on our Facebook page.

We will also attend the VBOA National Rally in Billing this year on July 15th and 16th! So if you unfortunately are not able to make it to our event op may 22nd but still would like to order parts from us, please send an e-mail to info@mm-opelparts.nl

Best Regards,

Opel-Treffen team! 

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18 hours ago, Snowy said:

Any suggestions for accommodation?


Dear Snowy

On our website u can see every place where u can stay.

But i can recommended camping wisentbos its really close by our terrain.
And its not to expensive i think.

I hope that i helped u with this if u have other questions asked them.

Opeltreffen team


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In a little less than two months so far starts the 8th International Opel Treffen!
Subscribe now quickly and reassures if you want to have a nice place or if you has desires then we can now take it into account. (You can indicate this in the comments during register)
So be quick!
Register at http://www.opeltreffen.nl/?pagina=aanmelden

This is what you can expect include this year.
- Elsvierderels will come with a bouncy castle, cotton candy, face painting and so on to keep the kids busy. (Http://www.elsvierderels.nl/webshop/index.php)
- The Airbrush Academy this year will also be present to give a demo in airbrushing. (Http://www.airbrushacademie.nl/)
- BS car polish is present for the first this year to help people who has stains or other filth in their car with removal. (Http://www.carstyle-tuning.com/check-di ... m-KENOTEK /)
- Eat occasion of catering company Slump. (Http://www.welkombijslump.nl/)
- Cups to win in different categories.

We are also working on a car tuner, car dent removal without damage, and more.
Do you have any suggestions that you would like to see as a workshop let us know.

If there are people / companies who are reading this and have something we would like to be included in your event to give a workshop please email info@opeltreffen.nl
Be sure to look for more information at www.opeltreffen.nl and like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MMOpelparts/ if u wanted to be updated with the latest news.

We hope to see you on Sunday, May 22 !!

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News and information for the Opel Treffen.


For the first time there will be held a photo contest on the Opel Treffen. As a visitor, you now have the opportunity to send us your favorite photo that you have made on the Opel Treffen and make a change to win 100 euros.

What should you do? Choose your most beautiful picture you made on the Opel Treffen and upload it from May 22 to the Opel-Treffen site. For further information watch our Facebook page.


On the Opel Treffen Catherine Gathier will also be present. She is an experienced artist who has painted her Opel Corsa for the first time. This year it will be on the Opel Treffen her other car will be painted too. There she need your help. They are looking for an original and nice design / idea to paint for her car.

Do you have a fun and original design / idea? Send it to us before May 18 to info@opeltreffen.nl and make change to win a nice Opel goody bag.

From all the entries we will choose one design along with Catherine. The winner will receive the goodie bag on the day of the Opel-Treffen itself.


So head over to our Facebook page or website for full information and to stay informed. https://www.facebook.com/MMOpelparts/

Please do not forget to register at the following link in order to avoid long queues and times. http://www.opeltreffen.nl/?taal=en&pagina=aanmelden


And until May 22 !!!


The Opel-Treffen team.

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Pay attention!!

Pre-registration for the Opel Treffen is possible to Thursday 19-05-2016 at 0:00 PM.
Then you can only register to the cash register at the event itself . Keep an eye on!! It may be that you have to wait in long lines so register in advance if you want to avoid that!

So sign in now!

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