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Hi I am selling my Opel Ascona 2 door sport.   Some of you on here will know the car as it was my husbands Andrew Turner. I have no idea how to down load any pictures on to here so if you want anymore information please feel free to pm on Facebook.   Fiona turner or email  fionav6@aol .com.  I am a member of the club so if anybody can tell me how I navigate this forum would be much appreciated.  Cheers

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Hi Fiona I have sent an email reference uploading pictures.

If you have forgotten the password to your account can you not request a new one.

Is this not the profile you used drew ?


Here are some pics and the price is £9500 Ono

I am sure I will be corrected on specs but it is running a single cam 2.4CIH on carbs, very fast

5 stud conversion


Drew Turner attention to detail treatment. For anyone who doesn't/didn't know his work. What he didn't know was not worth knowing about these cars and Mantas.

A very good piece of OMOC heritage and a very good price for a great piece of history.







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updating photos
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The car is an original Ascona B sport, it is running an Irmscher 2.4 engine (on carbs) it sounds like nothing on the road, it's sounds out of this world & flys! It really is fast and I have seen it eats Audi S3's for fun. It has original Irmscher 5 stud conversion with up-rated brakes and suspension etc. the interior is the mega Rare Ascona 400 spec (slightly different to the Manta 400) and is one very solid car. 

This car is very special to me and a few others as it is and always will be Drews's car, if your not a confident driver then don't bother this car will own you! 

Its a rare car and you WONT find another. If you need anymore info contact me and I can chat further.

P.s Fiona put a price on as per forum rules. 

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Hi Fiona, I like the look of that, but can't justify that money at this time, and would prefer a right hand drive to be honest. Do you have any other Ascona coupes you'd be prepared to put up for sale? I've got a 4dr already ;)

Andrew (knew him as Drew?) bought a Commodore sedan from me a few years back for the 5 stud axles, so was wondering if they had ended up on this car by chance, but I now see that Danny advises this is an Irmscher conversion kit. 


Rare Ascona 400 spec (slightly different to the Manta 400) 

Wasn't aware there was a different spec for Ascona 400. Any photos?

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