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gte indicators


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after another view here all lights working  indicators/hazzards not when hazzards on it lights up on dash when indicators selected nothing!! power on fuse no6 all new bulbs new flasher relay is there another earth i have missed apart from the 2 main ones at the back of front lights,and the 2 at rear lights???

cheers in advance wullie!


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Apologies but I cannot understand your issue.  I am guessing folks cannot help because they need a clear problem description with punctuation.  It all runs together and is confusing.


However, the greater majority of light problems on these cars are caused by earth problems, either common earthing or missing / defective earths. 

Popular places are the ring terminals on the inner wings behind the headlights and the rear light multi-plug,  The actual earth screws on the loom for the rear lights are relatively trouble free being in the boot. The indicators suffer from leaks, corroded bulb holders, and corrosion to the terminals in both the wire and on the indicator too


That's the general purpose guessing out of the way.

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If it is the same issue I had, I can't remember which fuse it was, apart from a white one was blown when I had issues with my hazard warning lights. The fuse is a main feed in to the cabin and is always live (so you can use the hazards with no key in).

I had indicators working with the ignition on, but when I came to check the hazards the light on the dash would come on and stay on (No flashing) but no hazards would work.

I had checked all my earths and leads before and was getting frustrated, but found the issue and resolve when fitting the stereo as I was not getting a permanent live.

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On ‎11‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 20:47, blitzi said:

cheers guys i think its the live feed out ward as their is power to fuse 6 just hate electrics with a passion!

cheers wullie

Is that with the ignition on? as that is what I was getting. I found it was fuse 3 or 4 from the left to have blown which is the permeant live feed for hazards to work.

I hate electrics as well, that's why my car isn't running yet, as I have a few minor electrical jobs to complete :unsure:

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23 hours ago, blitzi said:

hi robah a thought it was only no 6 for indc/hazzards???yip that was with ignition on btw

That is what I thought, but remember the hazards can work with no key in the ignition therefore it needs a constant live supply. It is possible the bigger fuse is used as it has more to operate at once (all lights flashing together).

I found it by accident after replacing the relay twice, slaving in two separate column stalk/switches and endless following of all cables and earth's. I got that obsessed with it I thought the whole indicator system was at fault. I decided to do other electrical work and found that white fuse (3 or 4) had blown. On the off chance and after thinking about the hazards have to work with no ignition on, I tried the hazards and they worked fine after that. This was only done in the last couple of months so still get annoyed (lol) about how much time I consumed for a blown fuse :unsure:

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