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Lenso RS5 17" & 18" wheels for Manta b


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Hi All,

Thinking about selling my wheels from the Manta, there Lenso RS5's 17" for the front & 18" for the rears which fill the arches perfectly.

Some chips to the outer rims which will need to be addressed to make perfect again!

Comes with Michelin Cup sport tires which have 90% of tread left.

Offering here first!




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I have found a replacement but it's a bit more expensive than what I insured this one for! 

So I am selling all that I can ATM, tbh I am going to try and buy back from insurance company because it could be rebuilt by someone. I don't have  the time or space to do it myself! 

Would love to see it back on the road again! 



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Mate so gutted!

Been looking after that one for 11 years! No expense spared, so should have insured it for more! 

But can only just move in my garage so don't have the time or tools to do a proper job! They have written it off but can all be fixed, just need to replace all panels forward of battery tray due to the chassis rails twisting down as I went under the other car! 



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Its hard to jig them, I have come across a few that were jigged and they are never really right. At least it wasn't a rot box as it crashed well. 

I had a red 83 Manta, only had 38,000 miles on the clock and was time-warp mint! that sadly died.  Only just fitted the quads and interior in that too three days before!


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Yeah i agree with you partially, i believe that with the correct equipment and space to do the job this car or any car can be rebuilt. 

As long as you ensure that whole shell is fixed in position and mounting points are within a strict dimensional tolerance then replacing the font end should be no issue at all. Most of the panels are available or salvageable from other cars, and with a solid shell like mine was it should be as good as new. 

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