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Spare wheel well drain hole?


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Morning all,

I am in the process of fabricating a new spare wheel well for my Cav Coupe and have a question...

As this is the lowest point in the boot space, I assume that there should be a drain hole at the bottom? - if so, could one of you please tell me the size and exact position?

Many thanks in advance.

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Its not a drain hole as such because theoretically the well isnt supposed to get water in it but just a manufacturers hole with a rubber bung in it.much the same as all the other bungs around the car.i think they were originally only about a 22mm bung but water if it does get in can stay there and cause the very rot you have just been repairing so its probably a good idea to put some sort of drain in there.be it a drilled and painted hole or a bung with a hole in it !. Your preferance

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Thanks Chris, I've actually ordered some 38 mm dia. ones off Ebay (the same size as the ones in the NS and OS footwells.

So after the panel is welded in I will position the required hole at the lowest point and use a hole saw to cut it out. My plan is to also use a dolly to level it off at that point surrounding the hole to make it look more factory.

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