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On 25/08/2018 at 11:30, cam.in.head said:

Looking at this as if you were a theif ,especially a pro or one with knowledge on how to wire up the ignition or injection to get power then most systems can be got round eventually.think what you would do if you were stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere.you would / may know where you need to put 12v and what wires you could safely unplug to get it going to get youhome.so in theory so could a theif.

steering wheel locks and covers may eventually be removable given time.

electrical fuel cut offs can be over ridden by wiring and i suppose throretically an actual flow tap could be overridden by someone if they found it .    More unlikely but still possible is ,,,would a determined theif add a fuel pipe or even a seperate fuel container direct to the engine ?     Anything is possible but all these ideas give you more time.

again.think what you would doif you were strandedsomewhere. How would you get it going . Thats how we need to think. 

If you fit a system don’t use the live side of the wiring use the earth side of the wiring as most scum will look on the live side as above quoted .on my last Manta wire a kill switch to the injection system earth side

or a quick release steering wheel 

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