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Two Mantas, Stotfold, Bedfordshire. 5 - 7 - 2018

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 Today i visited the Stansted Raceway, a grand title for a dirt oval track down the back lanes of west Essex, another one tick off on my list of race tracks visited, talking to one of the competitors he asked if I'd got any interesting cars, i said i had a terminal Opel Manta addiction to which he replied " i know where there is two of them, at a cars sales garage in Stotfold, you can't see them, one is restored and kept locked up, the other is round the back "

 Right i thought, who can't see them ? Google Earth !!




 What do you think, is that a Grey Manta Hatch ? it's the closest in appearance to a Manta of the cars 'round the back', the Google Earth image is dated 5/7/2018

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11 hours ago, MANTAMAN said:

What do you think, is that a Grey Manta Hatch ?

I went round the back on Streetview and it looks like a Monza rather than a Manta.


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 That is the back end of a Monza ( damn that van parked there ! ) It is quite possible that the two cars concerned are Monzas, easily confused by the general car enthusiast, both Opel sports coupes of the same era with similar sounding names.

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