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1974 opel manta mirrors


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Hello, we recently purchased a manta 1974 coupe.   It is silver with a satin black hood.  It came with modern style mirrors with built in lighted indicators.  We would like something more period correct.  I see what I believe are engelmann knockoffs on eBay from thialand.  What styles do members recommend that are period correct for our car and where can we purchase them.  Thank you for your assistance.

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I bought some of those Englemann copies for my B GT/E and they look identical apart from the logo on top saying " Victory " instead of Englemann. The quality isn't very good though. The brackets fastening them to the doors have crumbled within 3 months and they have both gone wobbly even though the car hasn't moved since they were fitted. They are both left hand ones too and the lenses slope the same way as each other. The pics in the Ebay add hide this. If I make new brackets ( these are hidden inside the mirrors ) then they'll be secure but I think I'll fit proper ones instead.

I still have the round chrome ones I removed if you wanted these? 


On 15/01/2019 at 18:14, 611 said:

I dont think they were ever fitted the the A series (although people do and they dont look to bad) i think it was just the style in 1900SR's link.



Did the A series GT/E have Englemanns? I was going to fit a set to my A series.


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On 15/01/2019 at 17:42, Opelblitzl said:

Thank you do the round style on eBay look period correct as well.  They state the are for a 75.  Also considering the black engelmann repros?  Please let me know.

These are the ones fitted to earlier cars http://dr-manta-shop.de/epages/0859c4be-b99b-4b88-8216-6a78b07dc4b5.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/0859c4be-b99b-4b88-8216-6a78b07dc4b5/Products/AS01-DR-M

It looks like Opel offered other styles as options, including bullet style, and possibly Engelmans. I'm going by a fairly small photo in Rainer Manthey's Ascona A book.

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