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Coolant hoses


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Hello all 

I’ve just bought an Opel manta 1982 1.8 and it’s sprung a leak 

I’ve found out it’s come from in the junction  under the carburettor there’s an Ali junction with about 4 to 5 hoses on it. 
now my question is where can I get them and is there a drawing I can look at for parts ? 

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Welcome Nick, has your Manta been on the road recently or is it a project?

You’ll find Haynes Manual 316 coming up from time to time  on eBay  

The club sells a CD of scanned microfiche’s with the original part no’s





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Welcome Nick, great to see a new manta owner.

hopefully you got what you need already, however consider joining the club as at least a web member as there are parts of the forum that this will allow you access to that has a massive amount of members only information that you can search through, and is a bargain at around £20 iirc

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1 hour ago, Nickjones said:

Thank you both 

just bought an original manta.  Road ready unspoilt 69k on the clock 

where’s the best place to order spares ?

A LOT to be said for buying an original road-ready. 

I thought there was a fairly decent list on here somewhere but can’t find it using my mobile so here’s a couple for starters:



On eBay search for the shop alymac_altopel

MrCarlos on here often has previously loved parts. 


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