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20XE bits


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Hi all,

I have recently fitted individual throttle bodies to my XE so I have some spare parts to sell.
All parts came off a working car which recently went to Hungary and back without missing a beat so the parts are in good working order. The doubles I have of parts have also been tested on the car prior to taking them off so all working too.

I haven't put the price of postage on there in case someone wants to buy more than one thing, in which case I can combine the parts into one package.

If you want to buy more than one thing or the whole lot I can do you a price.

Parts can be collected from South London.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


All parts come from a dizzy type 20XE M2.5

Cone air filter with aluminium pipe and polyurethane hose
This will fit to the airflow meter and bring the airfilter behind the headlight on a Manta B  £15

I have 2 Bosch ignition coils £10 each

Bosch Idle control valve £30.  SOLD

Irmscher powercap £75

Rubber that goes between power cap and MAF, bought brand new from LMFVauxhall 6 months ago £20

Bosch Air flow meter £20 for the one with the damaged grill and £25 for the one in better condition.

2x throttle body £50 each

Reconditioned distributor, done 5000 miles since being reconditioned £80

I also have a 1.8 Manta distributor that has had the inside gutted out and the inside of an XE distributor fitted inside so it can be used to run an XE with injection when the distributor has been relocated to the front, like when running carbs. £80

Fuel rail with fuel pressure regulator removed with AN6 fittings £20

1 standard 20XE M2.5 ECU £50

1 chipped 20XE M2.5 ECU, the chip I bought is supposed to have Mathijssen Technics' map from opel-tuning.nl, rev limiter at 7300RMP £50

2x Bosch fuel pump relay, 1 is from an XE and other from a 20SEH but I believe they will both work the same £10 each. 1 SOLD 1 STILL AVAILABLE. 

2x Distributor cap, 1 Bosch and one no-name £20 quid for the 2.

Many thanks

20211031_173051 (Medium).jpg

20211031_181516 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173009 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173912 (Medium).jpg

20211031_172931 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173845 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173156 (Medium).jpg

20211031_181510 (Medium).jpg

20211031_172658 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173834 (Medium).jpg

20211031_181504 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173022 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173203 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173752 (Medium).jpg

20211031_172729 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173812 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173042 (Medium).jpg

20211031_181411 (Medium).jpg

20211031_181426 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173015 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173946 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173819 (Medium).jpg

20211031_181451 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173047 (Medium).jpg

20211031_181459 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173901 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173801 (Medium).jpg

20211031_172714 (Medium).jpg

20211031_172949 (Medium).jpg

20211031_174002 (Medium).jpg

20211031_181442 (Medium).jpg

20211031_172942 (Medium).jpg

20211031_181416 (Medium).jpg

20211031_173952 (Medium).jpg

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2 hours ago, Sutty2006 said:

Can I have the ICV and XE fuel pump relay please? Would you do both for £40 posted? 😁

Alright Steve, yeah that's fine I can do that. The XE one is the one with the bracket attached to the side. The ICV will come with the hoses you seen on the picture.

PM me your details and we'll get it sorted.


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