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MM-Opelparts unfortunately not on VBOA but you can still get parts!

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Need Opel/Vauxhall parts??

Unfortunately we are not able to attend the VBOA National Rally as seller on July 21st – 23th, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order parts from us!

If you need any Opel / Vauxhall parts, please send us an email with the list of parts you need! (Minimun order € 1.000,00)  Maybe you can combine the order with some of your Opel / Vauxhall friends that will also attend the VBOA National Rally.


We’ll be able to send to the U.K., but only if you are company registered and have a VAT-Number and EORI number. (Without these numbers we’re not able to send large parcels / pallets to the U.K.) If you are not company registered, maybe you have a company contact that you can use!

Shipping costs for a pallet to U.K. (Region Northamptonshire) will be € 315,00. Off course small parts are not hard to ship, you can easily order small parts from our website!!

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I have a VAT and Eori number, so if enough people do a  group order I could accept it into my warehouse and ship it out to UK customers. 


I cant set up the group buy because I am ultra busy but I do import/export a fair bit so can help with that.

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