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Hi, my name's Rick.

Bought my 4th manta (if you include a Mk1 cav sports hatch) back in January off Carlos & been a member on here since shortly after that, 'bout time I introduced myself (& it gives me a break before I put the dash back together🙂).

All have been hatches, this is my 2nd GTE & I had to buy it to justify keeping the 2 rotting in my back yard for spares for the last 20 odd years. One has a 400 body kit with 15 x 8 Revolution wheels, the other has a quick rack & 1.9 bored to 2l engine with a 1mm skimmed 2.2 head on it.

The idea is to drive as is 'till the MOT runs out in December then strip it, weld the bits that need doing (most of it appears to have been done by a previous owner), get the chassis coated, painted, rebuild with the parts already mentioned, add a 280mm wilwood brake kit to the front & a stand alone ecu for the fuel & ignition. That's the plan anyway, see how it goes.

Now to put the dash back together, fitted some LED bulbs in the headlights & high beam stopped working, thought as the nights are drawing in I should fix the issue. Been looking for the illusive dimmer relay fitted to later models but can't find it, no need now, turns out I must've knocked the ignition key cover which stopped the lever from pulling back far enough. (FFS as young people would say)!

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Thanks Paul, unfortunately the paint's starting to bubble in places so it's getting stripped & dipped this winter to stop the rot for a while. Probably going with same colour when it's resprayed though, I like it as well.

I was born in Sutton Coldfield (No Hope!) so understand both dialects :thumbup

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