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And so it starts!


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Hello all...

"The Manta' has been out for a relatively long run today - a shake-down to see what I need to get sorted out.

Firstly, to get through an MoT, then on to some future-proofing to help give it the longest life I can.

I have sourced a couple of things so far, but a few more are needed.

Please help if you can - with actual parts or just a point in the right direction.

Thank you 🙂

Parts I need to find and purchase (please):

a) Hazard light switch (as mine doesn't like to switch off once switched on)

b)Heater box/bonnet rubber seal. (I could possibly use a TR6 bootlid seal but it would be good to stay correct...)

c) The windscreen washer pump doesn't work. The wipers run when the button is pushed but nothing from the washer/s.

Assuming I need a new pump, but it looks different to what's on offer as standard replacement and to reference pictures I can find on Google.

Engine bay:



View from above:image.thumb.jpeg.3cc146772077309947fa39fd327d616d.jpeg


Pump out: image.thumb.jpeg.8a9913c2941d0d6f8f5b37d57afdcbd8.jpeg

What do I have and can anyone help with either a new pump or whole new/working, correct bottle, pump etc please?

d) The button in the seat belt stalk is broken. I bought a new (complete) seat belt set for an MGB/Mini but the stalk is shorter, unfortunately.

Shows stalk with broken button:image.thumb.jpeg.bc41f3eed017ea20ae0fca5227ed1c09.jpeg

The MG/Mini one will get it through the MoT but not suitable long-term as it fouls the seat when moving it.

Does anyone have a correct-length (approx 14-15") Kangol stalk please?

That's it for now.

All help gratefully received.

Best wishes to all







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Thank you both, much appreciated 🙂

Have now ordered the seal and may have a washer bottle en route...

Mr Carlos - can I please get back to you once I know more about the washer bottle offered, I am waiting to hear if it has a pump or not.

Thanks again.



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