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Wanted: Bumper inserts for Manta A


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Hi there

I'm after some new, as new or NOS bumper inserts for both front and rear bumpers on my Manta A.

Does anyone here have a set they'd like to sell please?

Thank you and best wishes to all es ever

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Hi Steve

You are correct, and I am learning slowly... 🙂

My current bumpers are slightly kinked in a few places from minor bumps and I have some NoS Opel ones to replace them.

They are Berlinetta spec so have holes for the inserts.  (I didn't realise the distinction when I bought them)

Whether they go on the car now or not I feel they should have the inserts with them.

(Technically, they should have the chrome overriders with buffers and not the all-black ones, but if I go that far I'll have to buy a Berlinetta to put them on!)

If I can find someone with skills and tools to straighten the current bumpers instead, I guess the Berlinetta ones will hang in my garage until I or someone else need/s them.

The joy of old cars...😀


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