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was jus looking at plumster's nice new garage

got me thinking where does everyone work or store there manta

And more importantly go take a picture

sure there will be the usual everything from huge industrail buildings to small council lockups and then the poor soles who work from driveway or street " who usually manage a dam sight more than us more fortunate"

Any way this is where manta goes to have work done



sorry its not a pic of manta as dont have any full views of her in garage

Opel Manta GTE Exclusive, 88E, Monaco blue, BBS multispokes alloys in anthracite, Spax kit, 400 bonnet, Engelmann mirrors, 4 branch, Clear front and side indicators

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I do all the modifying to my manta on my drive[V][V] and then use the membership secretaries garage to paint it.I won't bother posting a pic of my drive, but you get the general idea.[V]

International Liason Officer

Green 24v A Series-24v engine expired

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Blue Centaur

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That's it.....show everyone your garage etc so they can come around and do a Daishag on you!!![:0]

(Not that I'm saying anyone on here will do that - but somebody did do just that to Dave)[;)]

Stuart Kowalski

- Leyland lancs!

kawimantab 'at' yahoo.co.uk


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I've progressed from working in the street to getting a small garage, then a bigger garage, then a much bigger lock-up, now i get a corner of my Dads stone masonry workshop (partitioned off - dust and oil dont mix very nicely, and if i get oil on the stones im DEAD meat!!) [xx(][xx(]

I'll tell you something, the ONLY think bad about doing anything in the street is when the neighbours complain - some people seem to be under the impression that working on a car outside your house is a terribly unsightly/horrible/dirty thing to do, bringing shame upon the entire neighbourhood with your common, filthy, car fixing ways. Forking brass-holes...

OMOC # 5875 --- 1984 GT/E Coupe (nearly finished, again), 1972 Firenza, Mk3 Cavalier - Ecotec Power!! 'Igor Cavaliera' (Igor Undead)

[}:)][}:)]...By Demons Be Driven...[}:)][}:)]

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My car is in an old WW2 grass covered hangar on an airforce base, with most of the facilities I need[:D], the only thing I haven't got is the enthusiasim[:I], to drive to it and work on it.

I think it is because it is the out of sight out of mind syndrome.[:(][:(]

I would take photos but I can't drive at the moment. Maybe when I am back on my feet, and I think I am going back to straight days rather than shifts[:D][:D] I will get more done. I wish the car was outside the house so I would be forced to work it every daylight hour.



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