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Ascona A owner!


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Just thought i'd introduce myself

Im Lee, from Whitby but now live in Sheffield

I have an Opel Ascona A 1972.

Had it just over a year but its been on the back burner for around 10 months in a local garage getting a Manta GTE engine put in.

The engine came from a Manta I found for sale rotting in a field in Cornwall. Aparantly it had been there 8 years!

The rest of the car was rotten through, and had all sorts of things growing in it but the engine was a recon put in before it was laid up in the field!

Going to try to keep it original cosmetically and tweek it here and there under the bonnet.

Im no mechanic so I hope I can call on you guys to give me advice some time!

Cheers, Lee.

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Welcome to the site Lee. An Ascona A is a really rare car. If you fancy posting a few photos for us, we'd love to see it.

I'm amused at the idea of someone finding a Manta GT/E rotting in field in Cornwall. you were lucky 'Paulmanta' didn't get there first!



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Welcome to the forum. I'd be very interested in some details of your Ascona for the A Series register (reg, model, chassis number), at the moment I only know of two others in the club, but there must be more about.

If you'd be happy to let me have the details, please pm or e-mail me.



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Yeah its on the road, just had its MOT.

Just trying to source various parts to bring it back up to scratch, which is proving VERY difficult!

I tell a lie, I got the Manta donor from a field in Devon off some old bloke. I knew it was down that way somewhere, he had two for sale, both were on ebay about a year ago. They were seriously rotten through.

..and if one more person tells me its basically just a Vauhall Viva I may resort to giving the a stern hiding!

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A Viva? well they are from the same era and from a distance look simlar (with your eyes closed) for someone whos doesnt know any better its probably not a bad guess. At least they both come under the GM banner. I should be getting the engine bay painted in the next few weeks but it will probably be May before I can use mine for a nice run out. Why not put a post in the parts wanted section of the forum, its worth a try. Where are the pics, we dont know much about your Ascona yet. What colour, model, 2 door/4 door, wheels etc.

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Its a blue 16S, 4 door, automatic with rostyle wheels. Apart from the engine, completely standard. Its pretty rough round the edges, the next job is sorting out the body work and a respray.

I've put the car in my folks garage to escape this bad weather in Whitby, as I dont have a garage here in Sheffield. i'll get some pictures up when I go and get it.

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Hi, its still an auto.

I'd quite like to keep it auto for the time being, im a truck driver during the day so the luxury of not having to change gear is great.

The only problem is on the motorway in top gear the engine is working hard, it would be nice to just have one more gear.

Did they ever do a overdrive box that could possibly fit without modification?

I was often in doncaster in the ascona around november december '06 on my way to electromusic, could have been me.

Back then with its original engine I couldnt turn it off, as once it warmed up it was a nightmare to start!

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