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Blue V8 coupe in Warwick

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Yip that woke me up ill tell you!

Saw a lovely v8 coupe, the bloke in question isnt a member and has never been on the site Soon put him straight.

Hes got a rover 220 gti as well he says hes got to get rid of one of them......hmmm no competition there then.

Any how managed to get a couple of piccys with the phone.

It dosnt show up but the it had a silver fleck in the paint work.




What do you think? He even said make me an offer.

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That looks like Snappers car.

I know it was up forsale a bit ago but don't know if he sold it or it was him you saw today.

If it was him he did live near Leighmington, and it has been to a few shows in the past including Billing a couple of times.

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Hes only had the old girl for a few months. He didnt know anything about billing nor a deal about the club.

I must admit I had wondered if Id seen it at billing before. Infact I might have seen it on the m1 stradelled at the side of the road on one of the billing trips.

The bloke lives in Warwick warwickshire. Told him he needs to be in the club for help, advicee and spares etc.

Just nice to see anouther manta on the road

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its on ebay now..... ewItem" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Opel-Manta-V8_W0Q ... dZViewItem

All correct it was snappers car he sold it back in july august 2007 to a chap in warwick, not long after the gearbox went pants from what i heard? the new owner must of sorted it but havnt seen or heard it lately, will have to let snap know its still about
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