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DELETE THIS THREAD meaningless without pictures


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Does seem as though the reg has a curse on it.

It does seem the way for some cars to be though, for instance :-

Had a white GTE coupe for approx 8 months:-

Week 1 bus driver stoved in the wing and drove off (caught him and got him prosecuted)

Followed by someone coming the wrong way down a 2 lane one way street around a tight 90 degree bend into front of Manta.

Followed by a bus releasing his handbrake at lights and rolling back into manta

Followed by me reversing into a Granada

Final one was a dopey old bast (I mean really 4ucking DOPEY the sort of pr4t that should have his license revoked) driving into the rear quarter as I overtook him the clown told me I drove into him.

There were other minor dings and scrapes in the 8 months too, but I kid you not C609 TJU was fcuking cursed.

I remember rebuilding the front end overnight with new wings etc, and the following morning leaving the workshop it was as if the car was invisible to other road users, was driving along with hand constantly on the horn.

Good post there Mantadoc...

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